Fridge Wars

As with most people in the UK when it comes to that summer BBQ, party with the friends or an afternoon watching the rugby or football we have to stock up on bottled or canned beers.

This can be an absolute nightmare in itself as you fight with the other half for fridge space – bottles and cans jammed between salad items, fresh meats and sauces until you actually fear opening the fridge in case it all comes crashing onto the floor. For many of us that has happened far too many times and has forced us to resort to cooler boxes/bags jammed with ice blocks or old builders buckets full of iced water with lager bottles bobbing upside down.

Since purchasing a shiny motorhome (or MOHO as they’re lovingly called amongst owners) this dilemma has moved to the van and happens every time we head out for the weekend. As you can imagine the fridge found in motorhomes and camper vans is much smaller than those found in the home  (unless of course you own an American RV) so the agony of getting that cold beer or lager whilst sat outside the van on a glorious summer (or winter’s) day is twofold.

Leffe Blonde Awesome Belgian Beer

Our drinking pleasure is Leffe blonde, which is a stunning Belgium beer, and I was first introduced to it in a bar near a Belgium Air Base when I was on detachment with the RAF. I loved it so much I took the Leffe glass home with me (don’t tell them) and it’s still intact even after over 15 years of use. We’re not what you’d call raving alcoholics mind you but even just 4 or 5 Leffe 33cl bottles each per evening, over a two night stay, means that the small van fridge is crammed and always vomits some item onto the floor each time we open it…and yes, we have to use a cooler bag too!

Why am I babbling on about this you ask? Well it’s because my problems have now been solved. Hurrah!

About a month ago an advert from Beer Hawk popped into my Facebook feed which changed everything and I have now turned my kitchen AND my van kitchenette into a bar. How? Well it is all thanks to Philips and their ‘PerfectDraft’ machine, which allows you to pour a perfect glass of beer from a keg in the comfort of your own home – in your shed, garage, living room, kitchen, motorhome, campervan or even in a wobblebox, er, I mean, caravan, if you have electric hook-up or a genny that is.

PerfectDraft machine just out of the box from ‘Beer Hawk’

So, what exactly is a PerfectDraft (PD) machine and why would you want one?

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