Life Writing

These are just some of my life experiences that the voices would allow me to scribble down about my time in the RAF.

The actual names of those involved (including mine) have been changed and the details of the events portrayed are either from my memories alone or from those of my colleagues, who were with me at the time, with their consent.

If you hover your mouse over the ‘LIFE WRITING’ button, in the menu bar above, a drop-down list of the stories will appear. Just click on one and it’ll open in a new page or, alternatively, just click on the bold story names listed below.

Hope you enjoy them and feel free to let me know your thoughts.


The Reluctant Bullet

A story relating to a negligent discharge of a Sub-Machine Gun (SMG) during a stint of guard duty in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia during the Gulf War 1991.


The Arrival Of Al Hussein

A story about the only successful Iraqi missile attack on an American target which caused the highest number of casualties against coalition forces during the Gulf War 1991 in a single attack.

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