A Japanese lyric form.

Historically it has always portrayed a single impression of a natural object or scene but modern interpretations can differ widely.

It usually contains seventeen syllables in three unrhymed lines in the form, 5:7:5.

Below are some of my attempts, I hope you like them.



Dark clouds gather pace.

God’s moving his furniture.

Lightning. Rivers flood.



Silent flight, eyes wide.

Perfect hover, patiently…

…swoop! Talons sink deep.



Fledgling, fluffy birds.

Yellow edged mouths gape wider.

Swallows, swallow worms.



Sometimes great and blue,

but never penduline, can

nibble my fat balls.


Authors note: In case you’re wondering (for those with filthy minds), great, blue and penduline are all species ot the ‘Tit’ family of birds. However the penduline is not found in the UK; the penduline tits live in Eurasia, Africa and North America.



Intricate webs built.

In hiding I sit and wait.

Unfortunate prey.

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