Food is scarce and energy is low.
Treetop perch sways in the wind. Tail
ruffles its defiance below
black-spotted chestnut brown male.
Blue-grey head still. Vacant furrow.

Fifty metres yet sight still clear.
Eyes reflect black beetle – now dead
but for seconds. No time for fear.
Silent flight. Beetle crunch – now fed
but not satisfied. Meal too mere.

Pointed wings, long tail, hovering
beside a roadside verge. Eyes wide
over moor and heath, still looking,
locating. Its prey tries to hide
from unseen enemies waiting.

Face towards headwind, needn’t hide
his energy-consuming hover
with head perfectly still. His mouth wide,
with anticipation never
stronger. Hunger will soon subside.

Mexican wave through deep grass subside.
A vole ventures out. Unknown plight.
Silent assassin on winds tide.
Patient hidden danger. Great height
to dive fast. Talons sink inside.


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